Course Description

When it comes to leadership, one size does not fit all. How you act and treat your teammates has everything to do with how successful you will be as a leader.

In this mini-course, learn how to quickly size up your leadership situation, understand the mind-set of the person you are leading, and choose the right leadership approach to use.

This is more than just another course about some leadership theory. This is a practical leadership tool you can take and apply anywhere immediately. You will learn what questions to ask and how to ask them, how to choose the right approach, and several practical techniques you can use to put it into action.

Allow about 30 minutes to take full advantage of the content in this course.

Course Structure:

Introductory Module - Video and voiced presentation outlining the basic concept

Four Content modules - each containing:
  • Introductory videos
  • Voiced slide presentation that explains concepts and techniques
  • Video example

Concluding Module - Three scenario examples to test your understanding and apply your knowledge

What are the requirements?

No previous leadership experience is needed

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Rapidly determine which of four leadership situations you are in
  • Get into the mind of the person you are leading in each situation
  • Choose the best leadership model to follow
  • Employ dozens of practical tips and techniques
  • Watch video examples that mirror the discussion
  • Test your understanding with several scenario-based exercises

Who is this for?

  • People who are new to leadership
  • Recently promoted managers
  • Those seeking a deeper understanding of leadership concepts and techniques
  • Those who mentor young leaders


Ken Downer

Ken has a passion for sharing what he has learned about leadership. After a 26 year career in the U.S. Army Infantry and 18 years of volunteering in the Scouting program, he has done and learned a lot. Whether its jumping out of airplanes at night in Panama, commanding an isolated outpost in Iraq, leading a staff, or teaching leadership skills to youth, his experiences have given him a lot to share.He regulary posts about what he has learned on his website, shares it on Facebook and Twitter, and gets deep into the details in online courses like this one.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Welcome to the Matrix! (Setting the Framework)

  • 2

    Willing but Unable

    • Video Introduction

    • "Can I Play?"

    • Video Example

  • 3

    Willing and Able

    • Video Introduction

    • "I got this, Boss!"

    • Video Example

  • 4

    Unwilling but Able

    • Video Introduction

    • "I'd rather not..."

    • Video Example

  • 5

    Unwilling and Unable

    • Video Introduction

    • "I don't know and I don't care..."

  • 6

    Bonus Material - Scenarios, Feedback, and a Downloadable Quick Reference Guide

    • Video Scenarios and Questions

    • Scenario 1 Video and Questions

    • Scenario 2 Video and Questions

    • Scenario 3 Video and Questions

    • Conclusion - Tying it All Together

    • Two Quick Questions for You

    • BONUS: Downloadable Quick Reference Guide